Pannónia Középiskolás Kollégium We welcome guests to our hostel during school holidays (summer, autumn, winter and spring holiday) and at weekends (Friday and Saturday) either individually or in groups. We provide accommodation in student rooms with six beds. Showers and toilets are on each floor. We offer accommodation in four of our ensuite (include toilet and shower) guest rooms with two or three beds, TV and fridge. Our meeting rooms are suitable for events and courses. Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) can be provided for larger groups of people (more than 50.)
Student room - Accomodation Student room

Prices of accommodation:

Student room: 2.160 HUF/person/night Guest room (ensuite): 3.440 HUF/person /night Parking is possible with bus or car in front of the building or in the back yard with limited number of cars. Email: marika(snake) or Call: +36-1-349-0700 to book your accomodation.
Our addres is: Pannónia Középiskolás Kollégium H-1133 Budapest, Pannónia utca 83. (Hungary) e-mail: info(snake)
Tel: 06-1-3490700, 06-1-3402733 We look forward to welcome you in our hostel!Accomodation - Guest room (ensuite)

Guest room (ensuite)

Introduction Our student hostel is located in one of the fastest developing districts in the capital city, in district thirteen. As the Dózsa György Road underground station is just five minutes walk away, any school in Budapest can be reached quickly. Our mixed gender hostel accepts youths between age 14 and 22 and who are day course students of a secondary school of Budapest. We are in connection with about 50 or 60 schools in Budapest. The pupils live in rooms with six bed in each and they are put in groups according to their age and the school they attend. Meals are served in our own canteen. The life of the hostel is regulated by the Policy. We treat flexibly the requests of the students and their parents in case of the afternoon programs of music, sport, education, etc. It is now a tradition in our institution to run special study groups for the aid of learning to spend free time in a useful way. We have a library with 8000 volumes of books and a computer room which ensure a useful spending of leisure time and acquiring culture, our gym on the other hand gives place for sports and exercise. We hold special lessons for students who perform poorly in school in different subjects such as maths, English, Hungarian literature, etc.We also pay attention to the bright and talented students, their chances of even better improvement and to preparing them for the final exams qualifying examinations. We show modern and classical films on a regular weekly basis. With the help of our good and effective student self-government we manage to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We take into account their suggestions and requests in connection with their own lives. We offer free tickets to theatres, concerts and museums every year and organise inland trips to various places. Contact: Phone: +36-1-3490700, +36-1-3402733 Fax: +36-1-3490700 e-mail: info(snake)